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We meet every Monday evening at 6:45pm for a 7:00pm start, through till 9:30pm at the Church of Christ Hall, Wark Parade, Windradyne (behind Westpoint shops).

Contact us for more information about visiting the chorus.

Visitors are welcome at our rehearsals, especially members from other choruses.  If you are interested in joining Bathurst Panorama Chorus, please contact us to find out about visiting a rehearsal or when our next Guest Program will be held. 


Becoming a member of Bathurst Panorama Chorus  is a wonderful way to meet friends and share a common passion: singing!  New members are always welcomed, however you may have a few questions about joining and who we are. 

Do I need to be able to read music? 

Previous singing training or the ability to read music is not essential. Our rehearsals are educational and focus on providing vocal, musical and performance training.  Songs are learnt via audio learning tracks, as well as sheet music, that members use to practice at home.   The basic requirements are that you can sing in tune and hold your part in the four part harmony.

What is the barbershop style?

Barbershop has a very distinctive sound, which can be produced by applying very specific vocal techniques. We work together as a "unit" to make our voices blend together. Sweet Adelines strongly emphasises education, which encourages correct posture, breathing and vocal production. The sound is based on 4-part harmony, which is divided into the following sections:

  • Tenor-  sing the high harmony part, similar to a descant part. 
  • Lead- mostly sing the melody, and occasionally sing harmony. They sing the mid-range melody part.
  • Baritone- sing a harmony part above and below the leads, similar to an alto in a traditional choir. 
  • Bass- sing the lowest part in the chord. They often sing a rhythm part. 

How much does it cost to be a member?

Members pay a monthly fee- this money goes to paying for hall hire, costume subsidies, music purchase, venue hire, equipment (like the risers we stand on), director's fees, coaching, workshops and membership in the international Sweet Adelines organisation. 

How often will I need to attend rehearsals?

We meet every Monday evening at 6:45pm for a 7:00pm start, through till 9:30pm at the Church of Christ Hall, Wark Parade, Windradyne (behind Westpoint shops).

Members are expected to attend rehearsals weekly, and put in additional practice at home. Additional section practices or full day coaching sessions can occur outside rehearsal hours which members are also expected to attend,

How do I join? 

Visitors and prospective members are very welcome to come along to our regular Monday night rehearsals and experience the fun that we share by singing together.    Contact us for more details and to let us know you are interested in attending a rehearsal.

In addition, we periodically hold a  Guest Member program.   This provides a specific opportunity for prospective members to get a taste of how the chorus works without a long term committment.  At the end of the program prospective members can choose to audition to join.   Follow us on facebook to find out when our next Guest Program will be held.

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